they stand tall

they have stood poem by steven james humphreys

who told us we were smarter than a tree?

no one has to tell them what to eat to stay healthy, trim and live over a hundred years

the great oak, pine and the sycamore know how to get nourishment

they press against the ground and delve deep

but trees mighty and small they alone stand tall

when men don’t know God intimately the way trees do

I swear this by my soul

their great strong arms and tiniest twigs reach out to the birds to perch upon

and they stand through eons in earnest prayer to the almighty

enduring the test of time they make shade for all those who love and embrace their natural earthy goodness

oh yes, trees know our great maker better than mere men ever will

standing strong through seemingly endless seasons of adverse weather

their wisdom exudes by a vibration you can feel in a crowded forest

they have watched men live in peace and die in war since the beginning.

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