the search

The search poem by steven james humphreys

my search for the meaning of life

was like chasing a rainbow

the harder I tried to catch it

the further it escaped

my grasp

I have searched earnestly most

my adult life for my purpose and mission

never finding meaning

alas, but one day in desperation I decided to give it all up

and let go of all my earthly wants and desires

and then I had a dream that night

I found my ‘doorway of truth’

and when I turned the nob and opened it up

there I was face to face eye to eye with me

standing there alone on his side

and me on my side

the two of us

so long diametrically opposed in spirit

I knew then I had just returned home

from a long lost journey

and found me

and then I knew once and for all

I’d never have to try to be like

someone else ever again

and we merged

and became one

as if we had been reborn

and I decided I was going

to stay there and live in

my ‘house of truth’

from then on

and into eternity.

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