wilted flower

Wilted flower poem by steven james humphreys

my poor wilted flower searching for me in my vault

come back to life as beautiful as you were

roots in the new soil so unrecognizable you are

now that you have dried up in a mystery of life in living in dying

young and growing old and drying up

I am at the end of the hallway looking through

that tiny window where you were days ago in a vase

your pedals blow away as I remember the child I was

who ran with you through the streets holding your shriveled stalk

with spiny leaves

so sad so real so true

but in heaven flowers never die they live on always

as you will be remembered as a beautiful sword of sweetness

cutting my heart like a religion pushing your life from my ground

a flagpole tribute the sky’s blueness you fight ugliness

abiding by nature’s rules piercing the soil like a needle

your defense of beauty in rival of none.

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