Meaning, Purpose and Mission

Meaning, Purpose and Mission

Throughout my adult life I have searched for meaning, purpose and mission. There was always this ‘un-real-ness’ about things because I never felt I quite ‘fit in’ or belonged here on earth. Yet, the more I searched for answers the more confused I got.

‘But, when I let go of all of that, I began to become more OK about not knowing. And, then I thought that maybe we are not meant to know some things we’d like. I think not knowing is alright and it’s not our job to understand everything.

After all, we didn’t create all this ‘stuff’ around us, we were cast into it. I figured God keeps reality as the background. Personally, I call it an illusion. I feel our own consciousness may be the only thing that is actually alive and real.

And, isn’t it interesting how each of us were given our own? Furthermore, we all see reality quite different from one another, yet that in itself never shatters it to pieces. I gather, that we all live within our own created illusion. It’s because we have been given the ability to choose our own thoughts and beliefs’ ~ Steven James Humphreys

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