son of squirrel

son of squirrel poem by steven james humphreys

son of squirrel

sits in my sanctuary eating my seeds

which hungry mama squirrel

(who apparently brought her whole family and lives in my tree)

dropped down from the

seed house above

these seeds I bought specifically

for feeding all my bird friends

who gather around my backyard

and chirp waking up my wife

who doesn’t think it’s music to her ears

at 6 AM…

yet son of squirrel wants me not for my money

or fell in love with me because I’m so very handsome

he doesn’t want the pink slip to my car

the deed to my house

or be added to my will

he’s not waiting for the day I kick the bucket

so he can cash in on my life insurance…

he just loves me for my seeds.

how do I know son of squirrel

isn’t daughter of squirrel?

truthfully I don’t have a clue.

but I do know what the price of real love is…

it costs peanuts maybe even chicken feed.

so worth that fifty cents a pound for that

Flock’s finest wild bird food twenty pound bag

from Stater Brother’s market I bought nearly

a month ago!



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