old chevy

old chevy poem by steven james humphreys

it’s going to be an

old night in

the red chevy

see the moon and how

it makes the jetty glow?

feel the cool breeze with the window rolled down

as the clouds dance racing past the moon

and the doves coo in the distance

and then become silent for a little while

same now as it was then

this empty dimly lit parking lot

our old spot

we remember well

the sound of waves splashing echoing

and mist rising masking the big city

skyscraper lights afar

and the waves help drown out the sound

of traffic on the nearby freeway that didn’t

used to be here…

it’s almost like we could turn on the radio

and hear our old music

but what we want is stillness, quiet as memories

flash in front of us

we thank God


what still remains

that has not

been bulldozed

and forgotten

under the guise

of progress.

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