once in a while, poems, poetry, writer, author, steven humphreys

ye called you

yellow flame

purple mist

pink up rise

hummingbirds buzz

swirled in distant air

lizards clinging to block wall

squirrels look down

bird feeders hang and swing in the breeze

tree stands strong and sways

red robin perched on limb moving

blue jay calls

black crow caws

white dove sounds

her divine coo

holy spirit is coming home

gather ’round

old bird bath

singing songs

flapping wings

taking baths

sipping cool clear water

I sit

mindfully for

safe landings

my kitties watch out the window

my doggy sits by my side

my sacred sanctuary

in peaceful expectation

of rebirth

I welcome my friends

I love and cherish

my life

a celebration

every day

for the time

I sail away

into nothing

and nature


keeps on singing.

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