the great monsoon wrestles again

the great monsoon wrestles poem by steven james humphreys

in the early 60’s

I loved watching professional wrestling on TV

I remember Andre the giant, Mr. Fuji, the Sheik and Fred Blassie

in Mexico men watch live wrestling and hoot wearing white straw cowboy hats

there are also chicken fights around the corner

and maybe a chicken dinner made of the loser of the bout

many ex-patriots live in the great land of Mexico

it is a huge country

the American press

always full of bad news

sheds a negative light on almost everything

so you can never be 100% certain what’s true and not…

yet in Mexico there is respect there for old folks

maybe even for us gringos

just like here in our America

you don’t want to hang around in the rough neighborhoods

but if I could persuade my wife

we would move there in a heartbeat

I’d learn the language

revisiting where I left off in 9th. grade and we’d live

like a king and queen…

the real Mexico is full of kind, peaceful, family oriented people

accepting of foreigners

they live their lives full measure at their own pace

if something doesn’t get done today

that’s what tomorrow is for…

I like that philosophy of life

I require tranquility

I’ve worked with Latinos in the past

they are hard workers



I might need a spot saved for two

in temperate climate Mexico

let the tequila pour

and the beer bubble

the brave great monsoon gringo will soon be in the ring wrestling the Mexicans…

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