there were best times in our lives we cherish

mine was climbing up the side of the chimney

and smoking cherry cigars on the roof

walking along the railroad tracks putting

pennies on for the train to flatten

in those days you could walk into

this liquor store and buy sloe gin

late at night

we knew that certain liquor store

that’s now long gone…

they didn’t care what age you were

we were fourteen walking on the

railroad tracks in the dark

we didn’t know much about the world

and how it worked

we didn’t know much about anything

but we knew how to

smoke cigarettes

drink sloe gin

no destination

just walking

going nowhere.



Me and my wife live with our wonderful pets. I hope you like my blog finding it informative, meaningful and entertaining. I write about varied subjects having written books for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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2 comments on “destination
  1. Chocoviv says:

    Teenage memories

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