go ahead

go ahead poem by steven james humphreys

I say hey old man you’re looking beautiful today!

but no one looked anyway when you found no one knows the secret yet

so I will spill the beans yesterday ending your search for love tomorrow

once you stopped praying to God outside you found he was not there anyway

just like your imagination created that world with a bunch of skyscrapers out there

and it probably sounds crazy but I found it refreshing and wonderful

scenery that came from out of my conscious awareness

because my friend you see there’s

nothing out there and never was for God and everything that was

made came from his imagination and you and I and God are one.

So when you decide what it is you want in life simply imagine it

and be persistent about it and believe you have received it

and if you desire being another type of person act as if you are already and persist in

that belief and it will become as real as tying your shoelaces

in its own time, guaranteed.

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