my doggie ‘Bubba’ passed away a few days ago

he was my faithful companion and friend

for fifteen years

we did everything together

ate, snacked, watched TV, slept,


I have taken care of him

for the last seven months

he was suffering and needed help


finally, I had to euthanize him

because suddenly one day

he couldn’t stand anymore

he could do nothing but lay there

breathing hard

A vet came by my house

I was with my boy every step

of the way until the end

and although I cried my eyes out

and my heart was broken

the worst pain I have ever been through

there was a peace of sorts

that seemed to fill the room

call it God if you want

but I prayed for the strength

that kept me from falling apart

for I loved him more than anything

I am forever changed

I sleep on his old blankets

the ones he died on

and have his toys and other artifacts

that remind me of him

in a bag on my bed

right by my pillow

I sleep holding onto

things like his old tennis balls

I used to throw when he was

able to run,

his Velcro strapped shorts

that held his diapers on

because he had incontinence,

booties I bought so he wouldn’t

slip and fall because of his hip dysplasia

and a special handicap ‘no knuckling’ sock

above his right foot to help him walk.

since then,

my step daughter

sent me a blanket

which upon it


‘you were such a great companion,

constant, loyal and true.

my heart will always wear…

the pawprints left

by you’…

when I read this I completely came apart at the seams

My Bubba is set free

I am set free

I would care for him all over again

and I would give anything

to hold and hug him.

I never dreamed the house would feel so

empty and lonely without him.

I never knew nothing I do would relieve the agony

of his loss.

one thing I have learned is how others feel when

they lose their pets.

such devastation.

but, I do have hope

I have ‘something’ to look forward to…

being with my true friend someday.

steven james humphreys
Bubba and me













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