desert rose

my desert rose poem by steven james humphreys

A sentient journey

for my desert rose

mix of cola and whiskey

my one quart jug knows

its strap swung around my neck

walking through cactus filled rows

it’s cold out here but not as hot in the day

I’m wandering down a trail at night as I will as I may

the breeze touching sides and back of my neck

tugging my collar pulling me forward

I’m not alone for the hoot owls hoots and the moon is bright and shines at my feet

the sky is clear and the breeze is cool

and the stars are touching my eyes like drops of mist in two shallow hazel pools

and I hear the bushes ruffle and the rabbits run

I’m seeing things I’ve never seen in this day almost done

the further I walk the more I drink

this is the good life it’s how I think

my roll on my back

I’m ready to pitch tent

I’ll stop at the next clearing

I know where I’m going

from where I’ve been

it’s both me and God as one walking in these two feet

I’m headed for heaven’s gate

where nature’s angels meet.



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