the angry marionette

the angry marionette poem by steven james humphreys

the happy marionette dances

doing everything

he’s told

he will not cut his

puppet strings for he doesn’t

believe there are invisible strings

making his head and arms move

his legs dance

and brain think

the way it’s been programmed

by Caesar

his master puppeteer

he buys his house

gets educated

gets the

right job


the money


the fancy car

fashionable clothes

posh restaurants

marries and

raises a family

gets old

sick and dies

and as the sun goes down on him

they lower

him into his grave

for he lived his life

without questioning

his existence

like multitudes

before him

but there’s another puppet

and he’s angry as hell

but knows not why

and he like the happy marionette

doesn’t see there are those same

invisible strings attached

which make him dance

the way Caesar wants

yet blames you and I for all his misery

but he loves and cherishes his anger

and is very proud of it

holding it up high

as a worthy value

and lavishly bathes it in drugs and alcohol

but one day he sobers up scratching his wooden head

and begins finding all those reasons to justify what he’s about to do

and begins thinking for himself pondering over the ways of this world

and makes his unchangeable decision to come after you and I with a gun and a knife

to even the score and make everything right

because he believes we’ve been the ones so unfair to him.



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