that subtle magnetism

nature magnetism

So many things don’t have their words to describe,

yet when it comes to nature, it has that subtle magnetism

which draws me to it

maybe, it’s the color green that enchants my spirit

it pulls me to it to become infused with it

yes, nature has its own soul

and mine tends to blend with it

because it is such a wonderful feeling of freedom

unlike all the entrapment mankind throws our way

to sit under a tree and let it soak in and eat a sandwich

and take a short nap and recharge the life which dwells within me

that I know I’ve come home surrounded by those most magnificent colors

drenched in its coolness, it’s golden leaves and hidden virtues

that forever I’m in debt to this God who created his great work of living art

as I wake re-energized below these wondrous great trees.



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