earthen music

earthen music poem by steven james humphreys

earthen music


let them play

let them in

green green trees

gentle breeze touching skin

in no time nor origin

it hasn’t been

for darkened clouds


beating their drums

in the hidden forest

misty sin

that special feeling

around nature’s bend

a flash in mind that

never alone

surrounding you

unearthly friends

no longer proud

they’re in the ground

howling hound

you remove your jacket

leather sounds

an ego so loud

the sharpened hatchet

pulls the plow

a soul grows

and comes to glow

remembers when

in time

where it goes

wrapped in wind

it all comes





he, you and I

had hoped for

all along…

we get

lit and glow

an olden knowing

comes when

you arrive

in sensation

and heave

at the center

of the awe

of your own creation

the world mislead

it’s in your head

lying within ones

own creative imagination

which turns thoughts

into material things

and nothing

into something.

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