the camel’s back

no more beer poem by steven james humphreys


this one’s for two…

no beer,

no wine,

no whiskey,

I still feel fine

how about you?

although the party’s over

last call done

now I pet rover

the kitty’s on my lap

that’s my idea of fun

thanking God I’m their pap

they fill my emptiness with love

tired of all the world’s death and destruction cr_p

I don’t do crime

nothing in my life


I withdrew from the ways of society when I reached my prime

thank the lord above I still got a grip on what’s left of my mind

the rest flew out the window

it’s nothing but a bimbo symbol

that my precious time got trapped in limbo

in that I desire living a peaceful and serene life

I won’t say 99 percent

of what I’d like

these days

(especially to my wife)

I used to when I was young

I just had to make a point of whatever

so many puns too much stormy weather

I discovered lately

my opinion really didn’t make a difference

I leave the opinions distribution solely to Mr. Mike

he’s a real mad hatter

I keep my mouth shut

so I don’t get dead fast

with a cap shot in my bu_t

I prefer

to live anonymously

staying alive and lasting

not riling up

those crazy men running loose all over this crowded city

with their buzzing bee hive minds

I keep removing the last straw that would’ve broke another camel’s back

I keep to myself


you know

remember the old saying

live and let live?

don’t want to

give and take any flack,


what’s more

let’s just let the past failures go away

and forgive mainly ourselves and all our dismay

in foolishness and vanities

we gave to our planet

in our search

in our journey

in our lives

we surely live

but once…

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