the great forgettable

the great forgettable poem by steven james humphreys

forgetting every mistake

and bad memories

purging the mind

that haunts you

down to your toes

in our prime

it is nature

who forgets

and wipes itself

off clean

when it rains

and dries itself off

in the warm mean sun.

we remember

young things

all the good and the bad

but the memory

fades and we

should thank

God for the

memory loss

in our so called

‘golden years’

we all are soon

to experience.


if you are feeling


you could volunteer to reincarnate

if you want to

come back

once more

to this heaven

and hell

and do things over

in a roar…

you could ‘try’ to

do things

right, next time

if you have a few regrets?

But for me, I think I’ll pass, thankyou…

I know I’d rather

not return unless of course

I didn’t have a say

in the matter.

I don’t think

I would have signed up for

this willingly

this time, if I had

known it was

going to be

so difficult and challenging

down to my very soul!

that’s how I see it.

yes, I’m slightly negative

I guess…

call me

‘Mr. Negative’.

go ahead.

that’s why I




boo hoo

woe is me…


next day

take Advil.

then, drink more.

no one wants

to end the party.


this is it for me.

I have had

good times


I have had enough

of all the pain

and suffering…

and I will say


when it’s ‘my’ time

and go out

with a bang

probably with a whimper

or in some



for example…



in my sleep.

that’s the

way to


what would

be wrong with

that, that is

if we have

a choice in

the matter?

better than

a hospital

bed or dying

under the knife.

I think I’ll

write a positive

poem next.

well, maybe


we’ll see.

after all, what motivates

us writers best?

sadness or happiness?

I guess it depends

upon the writer, right?

yet, I am not quite

ready to leave

this wonderful


and, not quite

ready to call




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