town of trouble

town of trouble poem by steven james humphreys

I close my eyes

and try to remember

the birds perched upon my bird bath edge

late past September

and my memory is so vague in outline

and color…

but, I have no valor, I must leave this town

and get away from all the terrorists

and terrorizing things which could be…

this town submerged itself in its own squalor

has this trapped my true friends

the doves who would’ve followed me

to the ends of this earth?

will my lizards, squirrels, small birds and the hawk

travel to their new home?

I tearfully think not

they would lose their way on their tiny feet and feathered wings…

I doubt I could continue living with

all my friendly faces gone…

Why would I break my own heart so willingly as this

and leave these, my dearest friends on earth behind?

no, no, I cannot leave my loved ones

and the weariness of it all

is so overwhelming

that I would sink to the bottom of a lake

and drown in my own tear drops

I must instead give my life

and what’s left of me

remaining here

amongst my friends

in this town of trouble

and torment and sit in this

easy chair as I look out

through this dirty

rain stained window

sipping my tea.



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