spirit in the forest

spirit in the forest poem by steven james humphreys

have you ever lost yourself in the forest?

there is a definite spirit there in charge

and, it will tend to heal you

that is, if you love it back

but, I was lost

lost but with what I felt was one of God’s agents

I felt safe in mother nature’s arms

and, if it was father nature, I didn’t care which,

for it all came from God himself…

yet, I didn’t care if it rained

for there was tall cover

and no one could hear me

if I yelled

there was tranquil silence

so I whispered

and heard the owl

and the fluttering wings of bats

and I stepped on twigs that cracked

and I was hidden deep

and the smell

the lovely smell

of lofty pines

impregnated my nose

and made my eyes shine

as I stood still within the forest’s own stillness

because there was no darkness in my heart

even though there was darkness

surrounding me on all sides

and it didn’t matter if I died there

for I was never to be left alone

trapped and aimless

amidst the sheer beauty

which had befallen me.


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