rain fall

rain fall poem by steven james humphreys

I enjoy watching the rain fall

I look out my window and watch rain drops

hit the ground and splatter

puddles fill

raindrops hit my pool

I look out my vertical blinds at night

in a heavy rain and shine my hand held spotlight

to the rain plummeted pool and know that after the heavy rain

I will have to adjust my pool equipment to

drain a couple inches of water level down.

but, that’s tomorrow or the next day.

and, now at night time, it is so wonderful to see my pool

rise to the top and my pool cleaner not work right getting stuck

the next morning on the steps of the pool because the water level is too high.

but, I love watching the rain come down

morning, noon and night

such an almost ‘mystical’ experience

listening to the rain come down

and I feel love for my cold creatures who hide on the limbs of my backyard tree

protected from the wind and cold pouring rain

as I am inside watching my warm fire burning

casting flickering shadows on my Livingroom wall

like ghostly spirits moving at will

adding logs to the hearth every fifteen minutes or so

I so love the rain

and the thunder and the lightening

and I love all creatures

small and large

and the smoke

rises from my chimney

and this little bit of life

makes me feel

glad I’m alive.

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