the world out there

the world out there poem by steven james humphreys

the world out there

would like you to be

who they want you to be.

to mold your personality

your mind your body

tell you how and what to think

what to buy

and how to live…

but, I look around

and ask the question

‘what’s wrong with being me the way I am’?

I decided for myself that I will be ordinary

I will be me, instead of what they want.


they go

to their grave

being themselves.



the users

the manipulators.

we are so not like them

or you wouldn’t be here

reading this.

Thank you

thank God

we are loved

by each other

and never by them

they are not like us

don’t even try to understand why

for the world is split apart

half are evil and half are innocent beings

but, we the good are one

we are each other.

choose being you

no matter what they say

you are perfect being you

don’t change unless ‘you’

finally decide

and, for whatever reason.

and, may you never forget

you are loved

by the good

and hated

by the bad because

unlike the evil ones

you are those who

actually do

have a heart.

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