1800’s black and white photos

1800's black and white photos

I looked at black and white photos

of people living in the 1800’s

all dressed up in their best clothing,

suits and dresses.

these were some of the first photos

ever taken…

not many people smiled

back then…

I realized there’s been

millions of people

who went on to

the great beyond

for various reasons

like war, sickness, accidents

and growing old.

and, if they were lucky,

they died naturally in their sleep.

and, those children

girls and boys

even babies

in those photos

are also long gone.

pretty women,

handsome men,

wonderful children,

loving pets,

all one of a kind



except for

the photos

which keeps

their memory


it’s like you can look

into their eyes and see

their soul and it tells

their story of life.

but, then

they invented

movie cameras

and you see people

walking about,

driving old time cars,

and riding in horse and buggies…

and, just like us

you see them

going where people

always have gone,

doing that which

people have always done…

like going to the doctor,

eating at restaurants

and buying things…

and, now, we have all our

modern day movies and photos

just like they did

and nothing has

changed since in the souls

of men, women and children.

we were all born,

live our lives,

endure sorrow

and enjoy happiness,

and grow old,

just like in the

very beginning of man

on earth where

there was the first

father and first mother

who had the first child.

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