fell asleep

I got drunk

fell asleep

woke up

with the TV

still on

and it was cold.

I was shivering

and shaking

and turned on

the heater.

got under all

my blankets

woke up later

sweating because

I got too hot,

and kicked the

covers off

and slept on top.

sometimes, I

get awakened

by voices from

people who aren’t

there. This time

I heard my dog

who passed away

months ago.

I have been

missing him

lately quite a lot.

and, I heard his whine

the one where he

is happy to see me

and misses me.

It was comforting

because I took it

as a sign from God

my boy ‘Bubba’

misses me and loves me

and that he is

still alive and well

somewhere in another


I really needed that.

some things you

just never get over.

you live with it.

but, if you believe

in God, I guess you

will have to agree

that no matter how

much life pains you

that he knows

what’s best

for you

whether you

are ready for it






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