don’t give me away

don't give me away poem by steven james humphreys

my dear mother nature

please don’t toss my heart

into your darkness and greatest abyss

enough of this torture, tell me I’m a good man

this foolish world and its way

so tough

so cold

sometimes warm

never enough human nurture.

you live your game your own way

and grow your grass

and leaves and blow your wind

upon the side of the mountain at your fancy

so beautifully placid you are

so changeable and unpredictable

and stoic in all your ways

you erupt into an exploding volcano

splashing tidal waves cooling molten lava

making steamy clouds

raining golf ball size hail

crashing holes in our roofs

and through our car windows

you do your horrendous hurricanes

and swirling killer tornados and murder us innocents

although we can’t predict your wrath nor understand its purpose

we see love in your beauty

but often try to steal your warmth away

lying on the sandy beaches you’ve built

you know my hidden secrets

but I not yours

because you are the one who made me

yet, you bequeathed

these furry, leathery and feathery little creatures

who run and fly all around me

my kitty

my doggie

my lizards

my doves

all my cherished friends of the earth chose me

I hold them so dear to my heart and soul

and I can’t complain about that because I feel such gratitude.

my short span of life

I have to say one always hopes for more

than living three, four score years

we pray for good health,

good luck, peace

and serenity

that you may grant us

these wishes

that we may

feel years more

love for these

fellow creatures

who make it

worth living

because they

feed our souls.

(It’s taken me a while, but this is my 1,000th. post!)


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