waiting for the glitch

waiting for the glitch poem by steven james humphreys

you’re not crazy

waiting for your

God awful glitch

you’re not lazy

you’re just making

your repentant pitch

hooked up to the hitch

yesterday I swept the floor

and missed the dust pan

listen closely…

but there it was

what got swept up

wasn’t, yet appeared

in the pan…

(true story, reality slipped up)


seeing things you stare at that aren’t there

the weather’s fine why should you care?

it’s a sure sign your mind’s not hazy

thought you saw a black cat in the hallway

no, you’re not losing your balance

you’re not dizzy

you really saw one

you really did

cause’ your mind creates

imaginatively that which you hid

you remembered

going to the store

such a bore!

while you walked

your groceries in through that door

you began to question everything

hard core…

undoubtedly do so

with that wedding ring on

you used to wear

from that man named ‘Sue’

unpacking your

green salad things

you’re now on the health kick

it’s a good idea to do

we listen to the


so we can sing our song

we’ve picked

it’s a meditative sound

brings a meditative mood

like a crude howling running hound.

no kidding!

ring your ding a ling

start your bidding

don’t even have to go to the zoo

to pet a real kangaroo

hopping over the dusty road

in the Australian outback

like a jumping toad…

been there in my mind slack

and it seemed as real

as real can get

so fine, about time!

I can see a crack

coming apart

in my reality zone

and, I like it fine!

makes me prone to

give up my kingdom

and throne

It’s all about the time we have left!

a vibration I feel as seconds tick by

alive and well

in these old bones

creaking and cracking

waiting for the phone

to ring making me cry

in this profound silence of one

and when it

finally does ring its bell

it makes me feel swell

cause’ we all need to feel loved

while living in this death and destruction hell…

(and, you’ll know what that means when you get old enough.)

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