pushing through the myriad

why do I keep living poem by steven james humphreys

keep living

under control

will ‘lights out’

come least expected?

living on and on

I know someday

this will end…

it’s learning, always learning

unanswered questions

float away into the ether


feelings alone in me

questioning my existence

pondering things which

take me to another thought,


another level

travelling through time and space

wandering here wandering there

remembering, forgetting

renewing, growing older

and older

pushing through the myriad…

emotions of happiness,



thoughts. beliefs,

opinions, point of view…

mattering less and less

I know I love better than I used to

when I pet my kitty

unlike years before

I am there

much more in the moment than before

when petting, hugging,


his forehead.

God told me

if I changed

and loved

humanity as

much as my kitties

he would turn

the entire

world into


and make

us all angels.



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