funk humor by steven james humphreys

I know why

I write best


it gives

me my funk

you read

the good

I wrote

weeding through

the junk

and find

I’m no monk

among all

the punks

my beer


me well


glorious bubbles

float in my brain swell

deep within the brewing well

the core of my personal hell

the depth of which I’ve sunk.

I love

being a poetic host

sorry, but my bottle

loves me


my mojo

is often quite


yet, never gets

in the way

of this man’s

own good.

you gained

insight into me

this mindless chatter

cause’ my name

doesn’t matter

this read is royalty free

I’m sure I’ll stay alive

for a while longer

quarter past five

cause’ I stopped

drinking and driving.


write and think

and keep on thriving

just don’t

be a squealing

rotten rat fink

unless of course,

you’d rather



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