‘In the Village’, by Andrew Oerke

I wanted to share this poem with you. It’s an all time favorite of mine. In my humble opinion, ‘In the Village’, by Andrew Oerke is truly a ‘magnificent’ work of art to be admired by those who love reading poetry! I got a copy of it going to an ‘instant enlightenment’ seminar in the early eighties.

Anyone out there remember E.S.T. ~ AKA…  Erhard Seminars Training? And, if you do, like me, you’ve been around a while. But, don’t you worry, it’s OK to grow old in a society which is totally youth oriented. After all, I haven’t been able to stop that process as of yet. At least, my wife says my gray hair and beard makes me look distinguished. That I can live with.

‘I’ve searched for enlightenment high and low only to discover after more than fifty years the only place I will find it is within me’ ~ your author

Lastly, I found you don’t have to pay any so called spiritual guru one penny! However, if you are fortunate enough to believe you have found your guru, you know you look at him in the mirror every day… Therefore, enjoy your life as much as you are capable, because things as we know them will one day go away, forever… And, eternity is quite a long time.

Andrew Oerke

In the village in the village in the village
life repeats itself, life repeats itself.
There is sunlight; there is darkness. The dark
repeats itself, the light repeats itself;
planting repeats itself, harvest repeats
itself. Yet life is never dull. It pats
the drum-hide of the night and is satisfied.
It listens for footfalls when the dogs bark
in the village in the village in the village

In the village in the village in the village
life repeats itself, life undoes itself
and then does itself up in the same guise.
We are careful not to fail to repeat
the same salutations, the same farewells
our parents and our parents’ parents use.
They are wise; we are small and the day long.
Death comes but once but when it comes to life
no one would be unwilling to repeat
in the village in the village in the village

Andrew Oerke


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