glitch poem by steven james humphreys

there’s a glitch in reality

I’ve seen one lately…

one cool evening  I looked out my slider

over my pool to my shrubs

alongside the retaining wall.

an LED landscaping light was

missing, but realized

I installed it earlier that day,,,

in that moment of my realization,

it made itself there.

did it turned itself on

and light up?

no, it made itself there.

this brought me to

the double slit experiment.

(if you are fascinated with the nature of reality, this video is a must watch)

it demonstrates our consciousness

makes things be there.

for reality has glitches

in time and space.

I have seen them

and am open

to more.

‘conscious observation

changes the nature of matter’.

how can this be?

the short answer is

each one of us

creates reality.



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