old man in forest green…

crazy old man poem by steven james humphreys

would you think me crazy I had invisible friends?

you mean, a true friend has to be alive and well?

believe our imaginations create reality.

for, there is more possible than meets the eye.

for example, I spoke with Emerson face to face and saw his steely blue eyes

using the ‘Invisible counselor technique’ by Napoleon Hill.

he gave me such writer’s encouragement I never have found elsewhere…

while meditating I met two sons I never knew I had.

I knew I was their father and we were overjoyed with the reunion.

in a dream I felt the divine wind pass through my body.

in yet another my wife was carrying a baby in her arms I knew was Jesus.

this all sounds crazy, but is it really so crazy in this day and age?

things like this have been happening all around the world since man’s beginning

when he awakened to claim his consciousness as his own.

much strange things have and will appear to many others.

this old man has experienced weird things lately out of his peripheral vision.

but, it is nothing out of the ordinary I haven’t experienced through each

passing decade.

I see shadows of animals in my hallway and people walking through interior


when I am in a forest green, I sense that certain presence I know is

in charge in the midst of tall trees.

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