city of ants

city of ants poem by steven james humphreys

as I do my yard chores

my electric weed whacker whirls

you can hear that familiar echo

whipping grass up and down my common street.

but, I came upon a city of ants edging my grass

and now, I don’t cut through their mound

which is their home

and they have a family

just like we do…

these days my conscience mandates

I must value all life

no matter how insignificant

the rest of humanity treats it.

for, I am old now

and can look back on

history I’ve lived

and, I know

God must have smiled upon me

sparing me from greater suffering

despite cruelty I’ve dealt to poor innocent

birds and bugs with my first BB gun rifle.

I shall ask for his forgiveness

for past ignorant transgressions

for I harbor a vast host of regrets

because I have learned lessons

I wish not to repeat

which those experiences have

changed my inside world

and made me like myself

a whole lot more.


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