Spiritually yours

spiritually yours poem by steven james humphreys

Neville Goddard

my teacher

told me about

the doves,

who visit me

every day,

a divine wind

would blow through me,

that David will appear,

and I shall rise

out through my own skull

floating above my body.

In a recent dream

it happened

I died…

up and out from

my own skull

I hovered…

a few seconds

then pulled through

this tunnel of light

at an amazing speed.

but, I cried out

I was not ready

to die, that I

must stay longer.

I was snapped back

awakening from that dream.

all has come to pass.

in 3 and

a half years

it is said

I am done

that my visit

is over.

Source- “Neville Goddard.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 5 Jan. 2020, ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neville_Goddard.

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