the good hearted

the good hearted poem by steven james humphreys

no one said we’d

be understood,

born knowing

what makes us feel good.

is there a moral code

we must follow

carved in wood

our hearts so hollow?

we’re the good hearted

wallowing around,

must we repent



and drown

in this

evil little town?

shall we suffer

crawling through hot sands

40 days and 40 years

in a lonely desert

agonized with fear?

to apologize

for brash behavior

crying buckets full of tears?

we look tough outside,

but are so soft…

we are the good hearted

vulnerable to those cutting words

the jealous blurt out of their mouths.

shall we not stay

in love with what we love

because it’s all we know,

as we

drain our



what we hate

high and low.




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