my friend the june bug

my friend the june bug poem by steven james humphreys

I remember as a child

I feared the wild dive bombing

June bug.

but, I grew up…

I saved one

falling into my jacuzzi

fishing it out

before it drowned

the other evening

and it latched on

to my bare hand

almost not wanting

to let go of me

because they have these

sharp sticky clingy little claws

kind of creepy or slightly scary

but, they don’t hurt you

they don’t sting or bite

even though you feel like they will

yet, they never do

they only buzz

and fly around

seemingly aimlessly

like a big bumble bee

such a beautiful color

of green shades they are

of whom

I consider

one of

my dearest

treasured friends

who bring no

harm to anyone

in this world

of death and destruction.


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