Aspiring Writer? Real World Tips From One Who’s Been There…

advice on being a writer and author

How does one become a writer? There is no secret except for you simply need to keep reading and writing. How did I become an author? I had things to write about I was interested in. And, through the years of writing thousands of words, in my opinion, I improved greatly.

Writing helped me to write emails more effectively. And, when I talk to support about anything at all, I believe I get the point across accurately. Writing also helped me to become a better speaker to say what’s on my mind clearly.

‘The theme is if you like doing something, do it. Continue doing what you love. Do what reflects the real you’

When I wrote my first novel (Meet Duff) I got discouraged by the publisher criticizing my writing. In the beginning I got 3 stars, but when I did what he said and changed my first chapter, he dropped it down to a one star. I was devastated. It was like I got a pat on the head and a kick in the you know what.

‘People who are successful have failed. The difference is they never give up. They keep trying’

So, my advice about that is to not listen to other’s opinions so much in the way you allow it to define you as a writer. Pick and choose what you feel is constructive. I got better as a writer and you will too.

‘Don’t listen to the naysayers. Listen to your own inner voice and trod your own path in life. You won’t go wrong’

When I was fifteen I stayed up all night writing about fifty poems. I wanted to become a poet writing poems like Poe and Thoreau. More about me, here.

Note- Sorry, but I cannot guarantee success as an author or writer. One has to do it because he has that certain urge. Personally, writing posts daily on this site and my other helps keep me centered. This link goes to my health site where I teach you how to meditate in 10 seconds, here. Try it, it might relieve stress and anxiety. My wife says it works, therefore it’s got the ‘wife seal of approval’!

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