Squirrel running on my wall

son of squirrel poem by steven james humphreys

it’s a hot day

as I go outside on the side of

the garage,

and my baby squirrel

sees me as I call its name

‘hello my dear little friend…’

I say softly.

and it runs all the way

from front to backyard

on top my six foot tall wall

and hops over the other side

into the neighbor’s yard…

so happy

so innocent

so playful is he or she…

I chop up corn cobs

with a butcher knife

in quarters

leaving them in my

bird feeder in the back

and listen to them play

on top my roof

after midnight as I fall asleep…

the squirrel family runs back and forth

like little goblins and gremlins

in the black of night.

my feelings of love for them

comforts me

as I fall into a much peaceful sleep.

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