the sadness inside

the sadness inside poem by steven james humphreys


can’t hide

this most


sadness inside.

when your best

friend dies

you don’t buy

another puppy…

you sigh,

you cry,

you die

a thousand

lives inside.

we sensitive can’t live

lives full of lies…

those wooden faces

walking by on that

jagged edged sidewalk…

their words don’t come

out of their mouths

they keep them

to themselves

for another day.

their bodies sway

they want you to

get the hell

out of their way

their eyes look away

they live only for today

they suffer not dismay

no emotions bared

only sullen empty stares

they climb up and down

life’s stairs that

everyone knows

go nowhere…

they don’t share

they don’t care

you and I…

yes, we’re


for, our








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