in hope

hope poem by steven james humphreys

shall we

learn God’s lessons

wading in the midst

of cruel unkind

uncaring massacre

of our souls,

surrounded by evil

that we alone

should become

the kind ones

so outnumbered?

I ask thee,

how do we

forgive the pillager,

the rapist and the

murderer of our children?

we carry our grudges

to the grave

forgiving not those

who have caused

such great harm

in no conscience?

mere men are not worthy,

for only God through

grace can change

men’s hearts.

we remain human,

and to expect more

is called faith

and hope.

that seeming goodness

hides in a dark cloak.

be deceived not by

those sweet talkers

who spit sugar coated

lies and promises

out the crooked sides

of their mouths.

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