Steven Humphreys 31 best like poems
My most 'Liked' poems

My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems

Here's '31' of my most 'liked' poems all in one convenient place by yours truly. Why 31? I recounted and there was 31 instead of 30. Never was too swift at math... But, I am also lying, because as I go, I will likely add many more to this list. So, go ahead, call me… Continue reading My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems

Love and loss, Pets

my beautiful boy

I woke in the middle of the night with a swift hitting cat paw on my back I remember five times tap tap tap tap tap... but I was not alarmed my beautiful boy wasn't there I sat back in my chair the next day and an invisible tail whisked by touching my leg and… Continue reading my beautiful boy

we love our old fashioned poem by steven james humphreys

we love our old fashioned

we love our old fashioned simpler times our best days gone those behind us old movies our music our memories of school this was our time captured in a frame we know things were better way back in the day and wish we could return and everyone young will have their day and when they… Continue reading we love our old fashioned

Hapless poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

dull and hapless

I got lost within the arms of trees and found myself well again warmed in their leafy clenches you can weep there and are understood it is there you are required to be your worst self free of criticism and ridicule leave living an ordinary life to the dull and hapless for I'd rather be… Continue reading dull and hapless

Back to Greenwich Village fire and ice by robert frost poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

Back to Greenwich Village

walk down the root cracked sidewalks and howl at the moon your naked lunch is being served cold on the potholed road to San Francisco pull out your pocket full of poems under the city lights and shout you must sell all your stuff to live in your California have you seen their supermarkets and… Continue reading Back to Greenwich Village


drunk in nature’s garden

you may have looked for me as I drink well hidden among the cactus flowers it is sunset and I raise my cup to our great sun falling and glorious new moon rising for strange things happen when drunk in how nature has told me she wants me to be I sit in my chair… Continue reading drunk in nature’s garden