About ‘me’

‘Two old dogs’

Welcome to my site. I’m Steven James Humphreys, your author.

I feel honored you dropped by to read my ‘stuff’.

Everything written within this site is original by ‘yours truly’.

Flip flops, short pants, tee shirt and baseball hat with my dog by my side. This is mostly me.

My history: In my younger days, I got my inspiration from reading Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘Annabel Lee’ and Henry David Thoreau’s notes on how he spent his time (two years) at ‘Walden Pond’. I so wanted to be like them.

According to the ‘Myers Briggs type indicator’ (I took in college to help me find my job niche in life) I am the ‘INFJ’, one of the most introverted personality types. Apparently, from what I understand, the perfect personality for writing ‘stuff’.

‘Writing keeps my feet on the ground and my mind right…’ ~ your author

I enjoyed reading J.D. Salinger’s ‘Catcher in the Rye’ a couple years ago. I’m sort of a late bloomer reading high school literature. I found his book in the bottom of a ‘storage box’ my wife’s kids left in our garage.

I don’t remember how I happened to stumble upon ‘Bukowski’, but he instantly influenced me reading ‘Ham on Rye’ and his other work.

‘If you want to create new things for this world, never listen to anybody. You have to suck your wisdom, all the knowledge from your thumb’ ~ Stanisław Szukalski, Polish painter and sculptor

I might be somewhat helpful getting you started writing your own book. I have self published different subject books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Why not check out my self publishing page and see if it helps any. It just might, you never know…

‘Never listen to critics, as anyone can be one of them. We are our toughest judge in need of no other. Write what your soul tells you and keep doing so no matter what anyone tells you no matter how many times…’ ~ your author