the family of man

the family of man poem by steven james humphreys

it wasn't God who told you to be good... it was the hypocrite. God remains silent. God doesn't judge, only man judges men. cry out to the heavens for an answer and what do you get? more silence... the gurus say look inside to the inner self... but, no one is home. try to please … Continue reading the family of man

clown town, U.S.A.

living in this town poem by steven james humphreys

you live in an angry clown town where they don't talk they look at the ground spouting their stupid mouths off half cocked all the time in senseless rhyme... they walk by faces like rock they don't like you cause' you 'get around'. they 'hate your guts' cause' you're different... you don't talk like them. … Continue reading clown town, U.S.A.

dream reunion

dream reunion poem by steven james humphreys

nightmare dream sugar and cream burnt coffee infusion sorry friends gotta' be mean we're in a dream reunion like never seen a bad trip hallucination when all that matters to you is how you feel you slip on the banana peel of reality... cause' in this world no one cares about anyone but themselves. a … Continue reading dream reunion

when I used to be me

when I used to be me poem by steven james humphreys

way back then I used to be me swinging like a hairy monkey on my genetic family tree... I thought I'd be free when I grew up I didn't know who I was didn't quite understand life's master plan but, when I thought for myself I stopped drinking becoming me again, a brand new 'old' … Continue reading when I used to be me