Taking Mom for granted quote by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

The Unloved

Bless the unloved children. they can always spot a good mom and dad over bad ones. the bad moms and dads always stand out like sore thumbs. God bless the good parents. take them not for granted. murderers, criminals and tyrants around the world had moms and dads. parents have the power to change the… Continue reading The Unloved

Surrounded by nature haiku by steven james humphreys

Surrounded by nature

Time spent surrounded by nature is where one may renew his soul, if he is so inclined. yet, nature is everywhere, no less a flower in a glass.

This green, blue, yellow and brown poem by steven james humphreys

This field of weeds

Pastels in nature in this field of weeds I cannot let go of it it is infused within my very bones these greens, blues, yellows and browns this sunlight, this warmth it is time and my life depends upon it yet, I cannot part with it Of this I am because as I sit hidden… Continue reading This field of weeds

As it rains poem by steven james humphreys

As it rains

As it rains I look out my window. I sit here now. looking. listening. warm inside. the sound of rain. the smell of rain. the beauty of it we cannot recreate. if I could be alive forever, I would want to see the rain falling. it is though, enough doing for now. the sound of… Continue reading As it rains

The understanding quote by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Gaining an understanding

what have we left in life when we lose sense of self? The ego chains our personalities. if we learn to simply be, we flow into the pool of consciousness of which we lose our sense of self gaining goodness, peace and serenity. what is the price tag of this? what were the ancient masters… Continue reading Gaining an understanding


Somewhere between all these things

Oh, God do I find you here? You must be close by, for I feel vibrations of nature's beauty. It is you who made it. Colors so vivid. Cool water babbling. Fish bobbing. yellows, oranges and browns. water mirroring the sky. trees looking down upon me. rocks lining the shore. I wander about your house.… Continue reading Somewhere between all these things