son of squirrel poem by steven james humphreys

son of squirrel

son of squirrel sits in my sanctuary eating my seeds which hungry mama squirrel (who apparently brought her whole family and lives in my tree) dropped down from the seed house above these seeds I bought specifically for feeding all my bird friends who gather around my backyard and chirp waking up my wife who… Continue reading son of squirrel

Meaning, Purpose and Mission
Reflections on life

Meaning, Purpose and Mission

Throughout my adult life I have searched for meaning, purpose and mission. There was always this 'un-real-ness' about things because I never felt I quite 'fit in' or belonged here on earth. Yet, the more I searched for answers the more confused I got. 'But, when I let go of all of that, I began… Continue reading Meaning, Purpose and Mission

The search poem by steven james humphreys

the search

my search for the meaning of life was like chasing a rainbow the harder I tried to catch it the further it escaped my grasp I have searched earnestly most my adult life for my purpose and mission never finding meaning alas, but one day in desperation I decided to give it all up and… Continue reading the search

Intuition and believing in you
Reflections on life

Intuition and believing in you

I learned to believe in myself the hard way by never believing in myself. I thought everyone else knew the answers. But, following their advice often ruined my life. 'After many decades, I learned to believe in my gut feeling (or intuition) without proof, because that's how it's supposed to work. You believe in what… Continue reading Intuition and believing in you

mr. squirrel eating bird seed poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nature

mister squirrel

mister squirrel lives in my tree he has a clever technique hanging upside down lowering himself low on the chain which holds up the bird seed house I keep he's stealing seeds meant for my treasured birds but that's OK with me I found a deal on a big bag of seeds for fifty cents… Continue reading mister squirrel

man's wisdom quote by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

man’s wisdom

man's wisdom lies infinitely below nature's simplicity but when man is immersed within his own egotistical nature he remains detached from God yet man can regain his true nature through being still in awe and wonder of forest trees, fields of grass and flowers, a flock of birds, the warmth of the sun, glowing moon,… Continue reading man’s wisdom

Be not forlorn my fellow poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

Be not forlorn my fellow

Be not forlorn my fellow my damsel in distress for it doesn't matter who we are we are all the same under the sun it matters not what man thinks only what God thinks and man cares if we've made it in life or not and looks down upon us if we haven't but God… Continue reading Be not forlorn my fellow

an ounce of hope quote by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs, Spiritual

an ounce of hope

where there is no hope there are no dreams there is no love and no above but only below way down low nothing high nothing light no airy flight it's crawling and crawling and crawling under the listless rocks of depression. I hear it calling. it calls on me. the living and the dead as… Continue reading an ounce of hope