life in the real

life in the real poem by steven james humphreys

cows graze rusty plows fields of green desire unreal our attire souls afire world of fairy life in the real Larry in a corner bar knows not the door he knocks poor auntie misses Uncle staring out her window believing great lies.

In a summer day

In a summer day poem by steven james humphreys

in a summer day a wind blows our way a calm wind a fresh wind in its own simplistic yet complicated magnificence we breathe of it and it reminds us we live in a physical world. but, we hope there is another that is better than this one we shall go to later. for I … Continue reading In a summer day

old man in forest green…

crazy old man poem by steven james humphreys

would you think me crazy I had invisible friends? you mean, a true friend has to be alive and well? believe our imaginations create reality. for, there is more possible than meets the eye. for example, I spoke with Emerson face to face and saw his steely blue eyes using the 'Invisible counselor technique' by … Continue reading old man in forest green…

William Shakespeare from Hamlet (III, i, 65-68)

"To sleep, perchance to dream; Ay, there's the rub, For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come," by William Shakespeare Soliloquy? "To be or not to be"? Don't tell anyone, but my wife hears me all the time talking to myself. Don't spread it around, they might think I'm crazy. Well, I'm old … Continue reading William Shakespeare from Hamlet (III, i, 65-68)

etched somewhere in a cavern

etched somewhere in a cavern poem by steven james humphreys

pain came with me stitched deep within my skin carving wrinkles on my face dulling my eyes so the world looked dim I dreamt I loved life once upon a time etched somewhere in a cavern where Stalactites drip slowly growing long where I used to think God couldn't see those strange darkened visions as … Continue reading etched somewhere in a cavern

creation from zero

this mysterious seemingly endless universe one day just went 'bang'? appearing out of nothing? a creation from zero? hard thing to wrap your mind around... therefore, until you understand the concept as to how the universe was created, the double slit experiment and that atoms are filled with mostly empty space, do what I do … Continue reading creation from zero