the wish fulfilled by neville goddard
Spiritual poetry

the wish fulfilled

'Persist in the feeling of the wish fulfilled & it will materialize in your physical world' ~ Neville Goddard ~

beetle on my nightstand poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

beetle on my nightstand

We can say we exist. we can say to ourselves that 'I am'. this self we believe we are, where does it live? believe me, I have looked far and wide... I can only say I see the room before me where I think I am. and, then a colorful beetle landed on my nightstand… Continue reading beetle on my nightstand

side by side poem by steven james humphreys
Poetry of life

side by side

he and his shadow sit side by side to a back-lit mirror one can faintly see through where he stepped on brown ground the old man crosses his little bridge to the cow trail costing not one thin dime he mistakenly turned the light off but the feet will guide he believes it is not… Continue reading side by side

I learned something by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry, Steve's favorite people

I learned something

I learned something I already knew (if that makes any sense) from Dolores Cannon. And, this is that when things are going good and there are no obstacles, you are likely doing what you were meant doing here on earth. But, if you are running your head into a block wall all the time, you… Continue reading I learned something

Neville Goddard - God And I Are One - 1972 Lecture - Own Voice - Full Transcription
Steve's favorite people

Neville Goddard – God And I Are One – 1972 Lecture – Own Voice – Full Transcription

I have been interested in and have been studying mystical subjects for quite a long time now, and am finally beginning to understand some of the more simpler concepts in a real way in my ripe old age. 'My take on this is that at the time of the so called 'big bang' we humans… Continue reading Neville Goddard – God And I Are One – 1972 Lecture – Own Voice – Full Transcription

Alone in our own consciousness
Spiritual poetry

Alone in consciousness

Are we fooled into thinking we are not alone? Yes, it appears we are all separate. This life, so illusory. One minute is experience, the next a memory. We can only take hold of the present moment, yet it soon flees us. No one knows how we think, but us. We have been given privacy… Continue reading Alone in consciousness