playing the piano

playing the piano poem by steven james humphreys

play the piano listen to the notes phantom sounds in the wind we wrote travel together through another's open window nonsensical keys a dreaming melody of butterflies dancing in fields of grass and golden poppies memories like no other wake in joyful songs listening and not in strongest voices... perhaps we shall dream in our … Continue reading playing the piano

Alice and the angry chipmunk

Alice and her chipmunk poem by steven james humphreys

Alice held her bunny behind the garage close to her heart. 'water your plants', she said. and when I did they started dancing in their hanging pots in a sunny garden mirage. funny, I wondered why the shadow boxing chipmunk wanted a punch-out fight daring me to knock it off her shoulder later this evening. … Continue reading Alice and the angry chipmunk

a walk under the pool slide

a walk under the pool slide poem by steven james humphreys

I walk under my pool slide watching dragonflies glide scooping up water. the squirrels eat corn cob I cut and birds feed from feeders I filled with fresh seed. I am mindful of how hard I worked for all this 'stuff' through many decades of toil, knowing it was well worth the effort because of … Continue reading a walk under the pool slide

a brief talk with God

how to talk to God in person poem by steven james humphreys

you might be wondering how to talk to God in person... where does one go for a brief visit? I have concluded we find him in these places... through oneself we commune with God. in other words, one must believe he is listening that your request has been heard and already delivered. through the depths … Continue reading a brief talk with God


paddling poem by steven james humphreys

paddling paddling paddling long up that cold old rapid river battling against that futile tide drowning in the essence I used to call me surrounded by bottomless time whirlpools pulling me thereunder dark clouds clapping thunder I have been killed but set free in an odd sort of harmony floating downstream dead and lifeless flowing … Continue reading paddling


fathom poem by steven james humphreys

fathoming the idea we go on after living as this invisible essence called soul amid no proof of its existence brings one to observing he can say with certainly 'I am,,,' that his entire experience of what he believes real depends upon his five senses that he will discover his living essence is comprised of … Continue reading fathom