it always happens to ‘the other guy…’

the other guy poem by steven james humphreys

Isn't it interesting that it's always the 'other guy' who dies... but, in due time we will all experience it alone. we are the other guy to each other... although, you and I are separate, we are each other. we share a connected universal consciousness. and, we will never die alone for there will always … Continue reading it always happens to ‘the other guy…’


impasse poem by steven james humphreys

my own caramelized visitor soaking into this world having spent what he had I say this to you that you were not just an actor you were much more sincere that you married yourself to life whether bridegroom or bride makes no  difference but you did come here and imposed your arguments against this world … Continue reading impasse


cryptic mindful quote by steven james humphreys

drawn to mysterious and obscure curtains drawing them back to expose this mystifying confusing and perplexing symbol so ambiguous when one does not hear what is uttered because he is not listening but looking for other signs from his eyes instead of elliptical writing and speech obliquely being itself so lonely so one sided so … Continue reading cryptic