‘In the Village’, by Andrew Oerke

I wanted to share this poem with you. It's an all time favorite of mine. In my humble opinion, 'In the Village', by Andrew Oerke is truly a 'magnificent' work of art to be admired by those who love reading poetry! I got a copy of it going to an 'instant enlightenment' seminar in the … Continue reading ‘In the Village’, by Andrew Oerke


guru poem by steven james humphreys

he said he's not my guru anymore. you thought that just because he came from some strange land he had found your God! but, he got up from his lotus position and walked right out that door after he made his millions off us he moved to beautiful countryside Peru with ten stoically handsome handmaidens … Continue reading guru

I learned I was consciousness

I learned I was consciousness poem by steven james humphreys

I learned I was consciousness, all imagination, which held the entire world inside his own skull. then, I knew I owned all my thoughts and feelings... that it became clear my destiny was fully in my own hands. it's because lately, those things I've wish for are currently materializing before my very eyes... simply, because … Continue reading I learned I was consciousness


suffering poem by steven james humphreys

suffering taking asprins buffering tired of what I can't put a finger on something keeps bugging me it must be invisible! lost weight gained it back sick of looking at that plumber crack puffing puffing running up that hill huffing alka seltzer fizzing cigarette smoke dizzying smoggy bumper to bumper traffic pet a corn fed … Continue reading suffering

jumping into the fire

jumping into the fire poem by steven james humphreys

in life we jump into one fire after another. therefore, choose your fire very carefully ~ your author in the interesting video below, Eckhart says the 'Buddha' wasn't seeking oneness with God, nor enlightenment. this, I did not know and came as a complete surprise to me. instead, Buddha wanted to find a way out … Continue reading jumping into the fire