The Psychologist's couch poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

The Psychologist’s couch

I asked my shrink many decades ago his diagnosis of me. 'Neurotic', he replied. I asked him what that was and he briefly described it. it didn't seem too bad to me. I was OK with it. So, later on I married a suicidal psychopath. she had seen the devil on occasion and do other… Continue reading The Psychologist’s couch

Footprint in Sand quote by steven james humphreys
Haiku, Spiritual and beyond

Footprints of Sand

My life has been carved in a series of footprints of sand. others may try following in mine, but they will soon lose sight and have to make their own steps which will in time be like mine covered up and forgotten.

Clock is Ticking poem by steven james humphreys

Clock is Ticking

Rock and roll song playing in my head clock's ticking long bong, bong, bong life's a wasting going, going, gone 500 channels nothing on pulling the last of my hair out might as well skip through a field of daisies bald man gone old neighbor Fred sitting in his chair watching me plucking down a… Continue reading Clock is Ticking

Sleep in a Sleepy Little World haiku by steven james humphreys

Sleep in a Sleepy Little World

go to sleep in a sleepy little world go to sleep and the world goes away little kitty boy, little kitty girl sleep the deep sleep and drift away clouds forming dark clouds forming it is becoming the way of the world you are loved you are cherished you are life itself.

my doves poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

My secret sign

Life lessons followed by a 'sign'. my doves land before or after when change comes. I hear them from time to time coming in the distance. their 'distinctive' sound the flutter of their wings landing by poolside perching on the wrought iron fence drinking water from the bird bath hopping up on the block wall… Continue reading My secret sign

I didn't make this mess poem by steven james humphreys

I didn’t make this mess (Pizza, anyone?)

I didn't make all this mess but, I was 'born into this' ('Dinosauria, We' thanks, Bukowski) so, I have to deal with something I didn't create I know you didn't do it but it would be sure nice to blame someone other than me even though it never helps and keeps me acting like a… Continue reading I didn’t make this mess (Pizza, anyone?)

We together, poem, steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

We, together

Yes, we know who we are we are those creatures who bathe in the beauty of those beautiful words that come to us like landing doves who drink of the waterside we comb our drying hair in a light of darkness and darkened white candle light hosting mood and emotion in the mirror of life… Continue reading We, together

Life's ups and downs


A shot-glass full of poison followed by a tall glass of sweet wine such is life's ups and downs. we are what we are for better or worse So, make haste don't wait to live fully until life gets better what you are experiencing now is as good as it gets. cheers. tip your glass.… Continue reading Cheers

beloved cat, poems, poetry, prose, steven humphreys

The Flip Side

Our oldest cat is dying it has been a slow hard time I am devastated watching him sink into death's clutches he's in no apparent pain just extremely lacking in energy so tired and limp and old I think about seventeen or eighteen years old now I love him boundlessly and feel so helpless I… Continue reading The Flip Side