Footprint in Sand quote by steven james humphreys
Haiku, Spiritual and beyond

Footprints of Sand

My life has been carved in a series of footprints of sand. others may try following in mine, but they will soon lose sight and have to make their own steps which will in time be like mine covered up and forgotten.

Sleep in a Sleepy Little World haiku by steven james humphreys

Sleep in a Sleepy Little World

go to sleep in a sleepy little world go to sleep and the world goes away little kitty boy, little kitty girl sleep the deep sleep and drift away clouds forming dark clouds forming it is becoming the way of the world you are loved you are cherished you are life itself.

what love does quote by steven james humphreys

What Love does

When you do something anonymously out of heartfelt love for another without expectation of reward and notoriety remaining unknown the subtle unexplained power of the entire universe in its infinite mysterious ways is the push behind you empowering all your selfless wishes and desires.