down kaiku by steven james humphreys


being unloved and unknown has golden glitter no one hurts when you are gone memory of you goes with the wind blown away like the obituary page of a newspaper into the beautiful cactus filled desert the red sun descends with dark silver lined clouds and bright stars switched on as I cease to exist.  

when crow birds flock poem by steven james humphreys

when crow birds flock

when your world feels heavy hop in a pickup Chevy the universe wraps its arms around the wandering spirit rise up and touch the sky when crow birds flock long drive time ticking clock.      

Talking to your Soul haiku steven james humphreys
Haiku, Spiritual and beyond

Talking to your Soul

Believe in you for better or worse so that on your deathbed your soul won't be nagging you, beating you over the head with, saying... 'I told you so. you should've had faith in me, because I was your inner voice, your intuition who whispered softly as you chose instead to believe what the world… Continue reading Talking to your Soul