message from a dark soul

message from a dark soul poem by steven james humphreys

you suffered long since you don't know when knocking on your door stands the dark robed creature dealing your hand... for, you're the next player in his draw of the damned.

going to the graveyard

go to the graveyard quote by steven james humphreys

riding on a cloud God knocked this chip off my shoulder cause' I felt way proud falling down fast going to the graveyard reading mailbox letters written by dead friends past basking in the sun on an arid desert plot wearing a skeleton mask drinking straight whiskey from the bottle I bought wondering when rain … Continue reading going to the graveyard


suffering poem by steven james humphreys

suffering taking asprins buffering tired of what I can't put a finger on something keeps bugging me it must be invisible! lost weight gained it back sick of looking at that plumber crack puffing puffing running up that hill huffing alka seltzer fizzing cigarette smoke dizzying smoggy bumper to bumper traffic pet a corn fed … Continue reading suffering