guru poem by steven james humphreys

he said he's not my guru anymore. you thought that just because he came from some strange land he had found your God! but, he got up from his lotus position and walked right out that door after he made his millions off us he moved to beautiful countryside Peru with ten stoically handsome handmaidens … Continue reading guru

Kitty TV

kitty watching tv poem steven james humphreys

hey, daddy see, I know how to live... I don't have to get drunk to fill the void in my life like you do! but, you know what? you don't have to worry... I will always love you unconditionally whether rich or poor, no matter what kind of person you are I will never betray … Continue reading Kitty TV


suffering poem by steven james humphreys

suffering taking asprins buffering tired of what I can't put a finger on something keeps bugging me it must be invisible! lost weight gained it back sick of looking at that plumber crack puffing puffing running up that hill huffing alka seltzer fizzing cigarette smoke dizzying smoggy bumper to bumper traffic pet a corn fed … Continue reading suffering

replacement riddle

replacement riddle humor by steven james humphreys

the next door neighbor's dog died and he was devastated. so, his wife went right out apparently to try to make him happy or not suffer as much and bought him another dog in the same breed. understandably, he was still grieving over the old dog and wasn't quite ready for a replacement puppy. then, … Continue reading replacement riddle