Banana in the monkey's fruit basket poem by steven james humphreys

banana in the monkey’s fruit basket

he's the banana in the monkey's fruit basket his mind's crazy but don't ask it when you feel lazy there's an unknown wire connected to that space ship hovering above his head straight to planet Zoit run by emperor Fred hearing those voices more and more knocking on his broken wooden head planting evil seeds… Continue reading banana in the monkey’s fruit basket


convertible driver

do not fret over wondering who and what you are for you are your own driver as your wind swept hair reminds you that you are not your car it drives you crazy being so lazy looking up at those dancing stars riding the waves of pot hole bumps on the road massage your spine… Continue reading convertible driver

Haiku, Humor

bug stalker

take a trip to bug city where bugs wear top hats talk and walk on canes no frowns their beaks stick out wearing beautiful sweaters close to the ground from a drowned tee shirt viewpoint found merry weather fell off your rocker Timothy feels you went for a short ride off a long nap bug… Continue reading bug stalker

Fortune cookie poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Life's ups and downs, Love and loss

the fortune cookie

grasshopper was having a horrible time picking up on chicks and going out on dates he just couldn't score it was one rejection after another he was really frustrated and confused about the whole man and woman thing he was tired of being someone's door mat and having his heart smashed into a thousand pieces...… Continue reading the fortune cookie

long forgotten haiku by steven james humphreys
Humor, Quotes

long forgotten

haven't you and I mistakenly taken life way too seriously? keeping with the bigger picture perspective... it reads 'in a hundred years we will all be long forgotten'. therefore, it makes perfect sense pouring us both a cold tall one toasting you and me for all the S _ _ T we've put up with… Continue reading long forgotten

Back to Greenwich Village fire and ice by robert frost poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

Back to Greenwich Village

walk down the root cracked sidewalks and howl at the moon your naked lunch is being served cold on the potholed road to San Francisco pull out your pocket full of poems under the city lights and shout you must sell all your stuff to live in your California have you seen their supermarkets and… Continue reading Back to Greenwich Village

city of sorrow poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

city of sorrow

should have moved out of this lousy crappy city this city of sorrow a long time ago while I was young and stupid but you see I got involved with these women who blocked my progress and I was always a weak man who did what they wanted to please them and all the money… Continue reading city of sorrow