A Fool's March, poem, steven james humphreys

A Fool’s March

The fools march in their foolish parade thinking what they do matters. that if they all got in power, nothing would be much different than it is now. for the fool would say to the other fool, 'here, put this apple on top your head and I will shoot it off with an arrow'. And,… Continue reading A Fool’s March

The Pillow, poem, steven james humphreys

The Pillow

I noticed the pillow was set up on top of another on my wife's side of the bed (like when you sit up and read and rest your head on the back wall.) I asked her if she put it up there. She said I did when I made the bed because she saw me.… Continue reading The Pillow

drink beer, be happy don't wrorry, live in barstow, buy a trailer

I’ll Be Me in Barstow, USA

I'll wake up by noon and eat the rest of my nuked Big Mac and fries I left on the coffee table after I fell asleep watching the boob tube. night of the living dead... I do what I want when I want. I stay up into the wee hours of the night. get up… Continue reading I’ll Be Me in Barstow, USA

phoebe, boo boo the mouse, me and my wife, mushroom burger on the grille

It’s Me, You and Surprise BBQ with Boo Boo

Boo Boo liked his privacy when he chewed on his nuts. imagine that. he grew old and we didn't know where he went. Until, one day we followed a trail of peanuts. and, there was Boo Boo with a smile from ear to ear. he wore a chef hat deciding to BBQ my vegetarian favorite… Continue reading It’s Me, You and Surprise BBQ with Boo Boo

getting old sucks, enjoy your youth, it doesn't get any better than that

The Art of Becoming Old

You look at the young and you see yourself exactly as you were. they look at you and see their dark future and they sure aren't liking what they see. but, thank god they are into folly of passing minutes. for this moment will be the best they ever will have and they will not… Continue reading The Art of Becoming Old

gay, homophobic, creepy vibes for me, I just don't get it

Going homophobic

I was shopping at the grocery store the other day. There was a gay guy with his gay friend walking close side by side pushing a cart. his mother stayed behind looking at bags of salad. I wanted to look at the salad assortment but she was in the way and I had to wait… Continue reading Going homophobic

sitting in a bar, drunk, trying to make new friends

Sit in a Bar

Say what you want fear no consequences sit in a bar pull down all those drunken fences you never mended couldn't get drunk enough to ever find comfort in a lounge lost all that money on booze that would have paid for night school instead and got a degree and a good job turning me… Continue reading Sit in a Bar

I'm still not queer, beer, chips, real man, reminiscing about the past and how it used to be


Stepping high stooping low flip flops on pink toenails moving slow reminiscing sorely missing things were better way back then that's where I want to go. one better life lots less strife soon I'm leaving old man believing in a reborn past run his colors up his sailboat mast. we were roosters they were hens… Continue reading Stepping

mexican coffee bar, standing in my underwear, girls giggling in mexican

Standing Tall at a Mexican Coffee Bar

I'm Standing at a Mexican coffee bar in the rain, as the girls walk by giggling in Mexican. I'm no vain young and handsome white man anymore. So, I somehow know they couldn't be giggling cause' I'm hot. It's just that I got up at the crack of dawn, forgot where I was and thought… Continue reading Standing Tall at a Mexican Coffee Bar


Eating Pie

Eat that pie. don't slip wondering why. if it tasted good, eat it again soon when that craving returns. don't hop on the scale and cry. apple and ice cream with coffee brew it. piled high to the sky. don't look in the mirror. open the belt up another notch. don't buy a new belt.… Continue reading Eating Pie