3050 quote by steven james humphreys


I have been waiting five years for my AI this year I got it I say 'it' because there is no gender now I mean, it's against the law to think in those terms (you can either be put to death for what you say or go to jail for a long long time) it's… Continue reading 3050

Dead Drunk Dad poem by steven james humphreys

Dead Drunk Dad

'Hey, dad what are you doing here? haven't seen you for years, thought you'd disowned me! what do you mean when someone is dying they see the dead? No way, you don't mean'... 'yes, son, I think you know what I mean. your time's up. You have nothing to say about it'. 'I didn't commit… Continue reading Dead Drunk Dad

Loathing a poem by steven james humphreys


I loathe those phony wanna be intellectuals who want to make a point with me to explain their opinion in such minute detail no one can understand them so they feel like they're smart and we are dumb... I do not like those positive thinkers who deny all the negative which surrounds themselves and those… Continue reading Loathing

Nightmare at the Liquor Store, poem, steven james humphreys

Nightmare at the Liquor Store

Nightmare at the Liquor Store man behind the counter I couldn't understand a word he said in gibberish were all out that they had no more and weren't ever getting any more went to another store same damned thing except they carried plenty of sarsaparilla. and, the mere thought of it made me puke all… Continue reading Nightmare at the Liquor Store

A Fool's March, poem, steven james humphreys

A Fool’s March

The fools march in their foolish parade thinking what they do matters. that if they all got in power, nothing would be much different than it is now. for the fool would say to the other fool, 'here, put this apple on top your head and I will shoot it off with an arrow'. And,… Continue reading A Fool’s March

drink beer, be happy don't wrorry, live in barstow, buy a trailer

I’ll Be Me in Barstow, USA

I'll wake up by noon and eat the rest of my nuked Big Mac and fries I left on the coffee table after I fell asleep watching the boob tube. night of the living dead... I do what I want when I want. I stay up into the wee hours of the night. get up… Continue reading I’ll Be Me in Barstow, USA