What is given haiku steven james humphreys
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What is given

It is a given the young never believe they will grow old someday that when you finally are old, given it is.    


You can call me opinionated, but you don’t have to call me Johnson

Oh, yes, call me opinionated. 'Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable' But, you don't have to call me Johnson.

Neurotic and proud of it
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Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink diagnosed me as 'neurotic'. Imagine that. what a surprise, a poem writer who's neurotic. Gee, how often could that happen? seems to add fuel to my posts. it's nice to know when you're in good company. Some poets had a harder life than I. Poe drank heavily. He collapsed and died… Continue reading Neurotic and proud of it

The Psychologist's couch poem by steven james humphreys
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The Psychologist’s couch

I asked my shrink many decades ago his diagnosis of me. 'Neurotic', he replied. I asked him what that was and he briefly described it. it didn't seem too bad to me. I was OK with it. So, later on I married a suicidal psychopath. she had seen the devil on occasion and do other… Continue reading The Psychologist’s couch

Clock is Ticking poem by steven james humphreys

Clock is Ticking

Rock and roll song playing in my head clock's ticking long bong, bong, bong life's a wasting going, going, gone 500 channels nothing on pulling the last of my hair out might as well skip through a field of daisies bald man gone old neighbor Fred sitting in his chair watching me plucking down a… Continue reading Clock is Ticking

I didn't make this mess poem by steven james humphreys

I didn’t make this mess (Pizza, anyone?)

I didn't make all this mess but, I was 'born into this' ('Dinosauria, We' thanks, Bukowski) so, I have to deal with something I didn't create I know you didn't do it but it would be sure nice to blame someone other than me even though it never helps and keeps me acting like a… Continue reading I didn’t make this mess (Pizza, anyone?)

Common sense and sensibility quote by steven james humphreys

Common sense and sensibility

Through the eyes of love's inebriation, two heads are not better than one where there is no common sense and sensibility they should drink wine by the barrel full in a toast to each other's charms in wait for the day that God-given beam of light bursts down through heaven's gates enlightening thereby sobering them… Continue reading Common sense and sensibility

It's not the same anymore quote by steven james humphreys

It’s not the same anymore

We don't get to vote anymore we lost it when no one thought it mattered we can't own a gun all the criminals still have them all the news says the same thing they tell us what to believe there are two parties conservative and liberal they take turns every other year things are pretty… Continue reading It’s not the same anymore