etched somewhere in a cavern

etched somewhere in a cavern poem by steven james humphreys

pain came with me stitched deep within my skin carving wrinkles on my face dulling my eyes so the world looked dim I dreamt I loved life once upon a time etched somewhere in a cavern where Stalactites drip slowly growing long where I used to think God couldn't see those strange darkened visions as … Continue reading etched somewhere in a cavern

a life well lived

sing the open air and breeze it blows through our hair we please our ears and settle our souls we hear ourselves as we grow old it's all been said throughout all time it's how we've lived beyond our prime we shall assume a life well lived that's up to us the love we give … Continue reading a life well lived

a brief passage through time

a brief passage through time poem by steven james humphreys

it is us a brief passage through time we worry so much about the small things everything becomes erased after a hundred years no one will ever know we lived and, although life will go on without us we will be those forgotten elders whose memory was blown away by a breeze spread over peaceful … Continue reading a brief passage through time

fine and deadly

fine and deadly poem by steven james humphreys

reading books is fine and dandy growing knowledge like eating candy in the end you are what you are answers are within you don't travel far the illusion we make holds us outside a distraction for learning we must abide we are each other's center paying the price it costs walking paths uncertain leading seekers … Continue reading fine and deadly

I learned I was consciousness

I learned I was consciousness poem by steven james humphreys

I learned I was consciousness, all imagination, which held the entire world inside his own skull. then, I knew I owned all my thoughts and feelings... that it became clear my destiny was fully in my own hands. it's because lately, those things I've wish for are currently materializing before my very eyes... simply, because … Continue reading I learned I was consciousness