The little tear poem by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs

The Little Tear

A little tear in reality pulling me apart it's a new world coming just around the bend from the old corner food mart it is through your mind you read your book you visualize and it's there trapping your thoughts as you look at things in front of you disappearing and reappearing in the footsteps… Continue reading The Little Tear

Life's ups and downs

Bastardy men

It is my wish no one suffers unjustly yet, bastardy men deserve their heads taken off for the pain and sorrow they've inflicted upon countless innocent souls they never learn they never grow they do good deeds out of ulterior motive they are all they will ever be bragging about suffering they've brought to trusting… Continue reading Bastardy men

Fairy tale under a spell a poem by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs

Fairy Tale under a Spell

Deep confusion chaos intrusion truth entraps our illusion like tree rooted forest ignorance in bliss staying drunk all the time makes life a sea of blur. doesn't get better than this until you sober up and cry it out. problems never go, they keep stewing in the pot called home wrecking. alone with you inside… Continue reading Fairy Tale under a Spell

When you became me, poem, steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs

When you became me

once you became me you were you again you should have stayed you all along and saved all the gray vanity for another rainy day but, if I could go back I would do it again the same way with more fervor and drink like we used to but, you can't go back God won't… Continue reading When you became me

like an old man
Life's ups and downs

Somethin’ tells me

Somethin' tells me somethin's brewin'. making sense makes no sense. don't have a clue in hell's ringing' its bell for your sin. that man you just walked by sleeping on that park bench under that paper is no longer angry. he gave up. you got cards dealt. S _ _ T keeps happening to you.… Continue reading Somethin’ tells me

thinking back, reminiscing, loneliness, nature, alone, solitude
Life's ups and downs

Thinking back

Thinking back... it wasn't so bad being alone. Although, I might be mistaken because now I am not alone and the memory of my past life living alone for so long has faded more than I am probably aware of. I remember I got drunk an awful lot. And, that part was pretty cool... it… Continue reading Thinking back

don't waste your life, lousy job, get free, sit back and relax, change your life for the better
Life's ups and downs


Stop wasting your life on a profession that makes you look good. Chase the rainbow become a famous cookie baking Amos. let go. give up. ambition live from intuition. get heart. question life like Jim Carrey. be merry straight or fairy. don't be you anymore. give up that ego. become the real you. grow into… Continue reading Wasting

Life's ups and downs

It’s a Fool’s Game

Living in this dark loveless city. It's a fool's game like no other... you are who you are. you can get lost in the crowd. you don't get far. take a drive in your car. roll down your window on a summer day. let the breeze blow through your hair. pull over. get out. stretch… Continue reading It’s a Fool’s Game

join the club, if you can't beat them join them, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs

Join the Club

If you don't know what to say anymore what to do next or how to feel join the club we so proudly nick named 'rub a dub dub' that's where all the lost souls gather to get their bearings. What's the big hurry? (while you are waiting, go ahead save a life and pick up… Continue reading Join the Club